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Our Promise To You

"Manchester Tattoo Emporium is proud of our work and we aim to create body art that you will be proud of too. We want only the best art leaving our studio and walking the streets, and, most importantly, we want you to have a positive, enjoyable and satisfying experience with us."

Tattoo Colour Pots

Experienced Artists

We are a reputable studio with headlining top tattoo artists creating a professional yet fun studio.
Our tattoo artists have years of experience and are passionate about every piece of body art they create.

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Free Consultation

For all tattoo projects, we provide a free design consultation for every client.
In our free consultations you can bring ideas and pictures to show us, so we can work with you to create a your very own unique design.

Body Jewellery

Body Piercing

Manchester Tattoo Emporium not only do tattoos, but we also offers piercings at lower prices than other studios in the Greater Manchester area.
We also sell unique body jewellery that you cannot get anywhere else!